Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rugely to Tixall

We were up at 06.00 on Wednesday morning for an early start to Rugeley. As there was a water point above the lock in Alrewas we decided to fill with water as Carolyn wanted to do a few washes on the journey.

 But guess what....Some clown had decided to moor the previous night on the water point. But that wasn't going to stop us. We certainly made sure that they woke up. Its amazing how much noise and how much a boat rocks when the bow thruster is operated right next to their bedroom window. We could see them moving around in the boat but they didn't show their faces....just as well....... We did block the bridge hole while filling with water but luckily no other boats came by.

 It was then down the lock and onto the river Trent to wind (turn) which we did where the main flow of the river came in. (Carolyn looking worried as we winded).

 At Fradley junction we got rid of rubbish and waste. It was certainly worth going early as we went straight through the junction with no hold ups.

                                             Passing the toilet factory at Armitage Shanks.

                 You know when you are at Rugeley when you see the massive power station.

 We got a very good mooring right next to the town, and with a good selection of shops I didn't see Carolyn for several hours. We spent Thursday moored in the town and then on Friday made a move for Tixall wide.

I know its not spelt the same Curly.....But it sounds the same........(Curly is our number 1 grand daughter who sometimes goes by the name Abbie).

After 3 hours cruising through some beautiful countryside we finally turned off the Trent and Mersey canal and then onto the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal. And after a short distance we reached Tixall wide. And how lucky were we with only one mooring left and 3 boats following us we quickly got in and moored up.
Tixall wide is where the canal opens out to look like a lake. Its said that the owner of Tixall hall didn't want a canal running through his estate, but if they made it to look like a lake so it wouldn't spoil his view he would permit it to cross his land.
With the food cupboard and wine cellar full we intend to have a nice peaceful weekend here.
Happy Days


  1. Hi folks, like all your photo's, and the Blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment....Will catch up with you again. All the best.

  3. Fell upon this blog while googling Paul and Jill's boat "Falcon"
    My grandad was the previous owner and built it in the early 90's
    He later sold it to fund a building project but never settled until he found it up for sale and bought it back
    I would love to get in contact with Paul and Jill somehow to hear of their adventures on their boat that hold many fond family memories!!
    Happy Boating!! :)

    1. Hi Evie , If you click on their blog above and leave a comment I'm sure they will get back to you ..regards Gary