Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Up the Ashby

We pulled pins at 09.00 this morning (Wednesday) with the intention of getting on to the Ashby canal. A few boaters have said to us don't bother because it is so shallow up there it is more trouble than its worth. But we have been told before don't go here don't go there and don't do that. We decided a long time ago to give everything a go and so far it has been OK.

We have not bought any diesel since we were on our way down to London so with the tank getting down we filled up at Springwood haven (Not the ideal thing to do and add weight when going up a shallow canal) and bought 4 bags of coal as we have now lit the fire. We have seen prices up to 0.97 pence per litre for red diesel. So at 0.88 pence per litre we had to buy some.

Anyway over £200 lighter we were soon on our way.

                                                           They need to speed up !!!.

               Sod that for a job......... We did ask them for some wood but they wouldn't give us any.

                                                         Hello Luvvie ..... One for you.
                               The very narrow entrance to the Ashby canal. At Marston junction.
  Made it with only a small bump on the port side.
We have gone aground 3 times but only when passing other boats and have managed to re float OK. And we have also pulled an American couple off a bend when they went hard aground in a hire boat. (good deed of the day)

After several attempts to get onto various mooring spots and finding them too shallow we finally made it to the visitor moorings at bridge 5. It is now raining cats and dogs but the fire is now lit and we are as snug as a bug in a rug.

                            Happy Days


  1. The Plums sound good, what a good use for the fishing net. We too have been eating blackberry and apple crumble. Yum Yum. Jill

  2. Hi Jill and Paul how are you?
    Had some great blackberry crumble and apple pies...
    We have now started to collect wood ...well it is more like sticks.
    Now on the Ashby and now heading back towards Rugby...

    All the best

    Gary and Carolyn