Sunday, 8 September 2013

RCR to the rescue

Later on Saturday we got a call from Pete at River Canal Rescue to say that they had located a new lever assembly. The only problem was it was in Middlewich in Cheshire. The plan was for an RCR man to pick it up and drive it down to Pete . With the time getting on Pete said it would now be tomorrow before he gets back to us. That was no great problem for us.

 At 11.15 on Sunday morning Pete from RCR turned up with the new lever assembly and had it fitted in no time at all.

                                All fitted and it is a lot smoother to use than the old one.

What a great service that was. It did cost us £50 excess on top of our yearly policy of £130, but when you consider the part alone was £238 and what they did to get us going again in such a short time it was money well spent.

                                      Happy Days


  1. And we all know what your like with money! Oh and by the way its 6.50 doubt you are doing what you normally do once there is a 6 in the time!!!!

  2. The word you were looking for to describe me and money is ...Thrifty...the definition is.. wisely economical....Yep that's me.
    And yes as soon as it gets close to 18.00 glug glug glug

    Love you sister

  3. Hi Mr and Mrs GP....still enjoying following your progress.
    so how far north can you go on the canals and waterways ?...can you do the Norfolk broads or dont they count.
    will mention to Mrs Dave (to be) about the honeymoon but strangely feel that if we do have one it will be somewhere warmer or Cornwall !!..anyway there are no wedding dates planned yet.
    good to see it's glug oclock at six on board....BTW 25% of six bottles or more at tescos at the moment...and we are enjoying a bit of a french rennaisance at the moment..don't ask me why .
    So can you tell me you ever cook or is it the the preserve of Mrs GP....and hows the fishing going.
    Best wishes to you both

  4. Hello david
    The Lancaster and Ripon canals I think is as far as we can get up north. The broads are not connected to the system. We are looking at doing the Llangollen (wales) next year in the spring. Carolyn asked me to take her abroad so that will count.
    Will try and find a Tesco but not always that easy. There are a lot of Aldi stores up here and they do some very good reds at a very good price
    As for the cooking....I can just about do Beans on toast. Carolyn is the boats cook , and a very good one. (well I had to say that didn't i).
    Still catching a few fish but nothing big.

    All the best