Friday, 27 September 2013

All alone

With Carolyn back in Devon for a couple of days it was time to get busy on Inca .

                                                                  Well I was busy.

When we were in Braunston we bought some of this as recommended by Paul and Jill on nb Falcon.
And it worked a treat.
                            Hamish and Molly soon lost interest and crashed out in the sun.

With the brilliant weather we have been doing lots of walking. This is the bottom lock at Hillmorton with 2 very busy CaRT volunteers working up a sweat helping out all those boaters.... well maybe not .
So far I think I have coped very well by myself.....Except for a small kitchen fire while cooking my evening meal I think I have done OK. (I did put out the fire before taking the photo)  . Anyway not much damage done. .......   Sandwiches from now on.

 Sorry Carolyn ......missing you.

                         Happy Days

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