Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hillmorton and back

This week has been fairly busy. We left the Ashby canal which we both enjoyed. It is a very rural canal which suited us down to the ground. We then headed back onto the Coventry canal and down to Hawkesbury junction.

  Our mooring for the night at Hawkesbury junction. We had a very enjoyable meal in The Greyhound pub which is on the quay at the junction. The meal was even better than we thought, when we got back to Inca and realised they never charged us for our drinks. The following morning we pulled pins at 07.15 and stopped at the pub to pay for our drinks...But they were closed....What a shame.

 This is the old pump house at the junction. Originally it was powered by a Newcomen atmospheric engine, Designed by Thomas Newcomen ( 1664-1729 ) from Dartmouth in Devon. There is a replica of this engine in Mayors Avenue, Dartmouth near where I used to work.
The following day we moved on to Rugby as we needed to restock as it was a bit like old mother Hubbard. There is a large Tesco very close to the canal so after a couple of trips the cupboards were full again.We then moved on to The moorings above the locks at Hillmorton as we had Wilson covers coming on Monday to make the pattern for our new pram cover. They should have done it last Wednesday but for some reason they had run out of fittings for the frame.

                                                                         Here we go again !!!!.
 More bloody idiots on hire boats....After just avoiding hitting us and the boat in front of us they carried on side by side down the canal... And jumping from boat to boat.....UNBELIEVABLE...

        On Monday Wilson Covers number one man arrived and fitted the frame for the cover.
                                                             Being instructed by Carolyn.

 Tuesday morning and we moved down to Braunston as we wanted to visit both the chandlers in the village. Then on Wednesday we filled with water at 07.00 and headed back up to Hillmorton.

  Just as we arrived at Hillmorton our friend Chris was about to leave, but we did have a quick chat before he left.

Chris is a lovely guy and lives full time very happily on his 20 foot springer boat... We will catch up with you again later .

One problem we have had since moving aboard is getting the dogs clipped. But we were given the name of a groomer in Rugby (Top dog grooming and the guy even had the same surname as us) that collected, clipped and returned the muts.... Don't they look good ?

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will go down the 3 locks at Hillmorton and wind in the winding hole (turn) . Then back up the locks and moor in the same place. Carolyn is then going down to Devon for a few days (Curly is 7 years old on Saturday) . Myself plus Molly and Hamish are staying on Inca....Me fending for myself.........that should be interesting !!!!!!

                                 Happy Days


  1. Nice to have met you over the weekend.Will be following your progress with interest.Hope it all works out for you over the comming winter and that youll be able to tough it out dont have to go into a marina.Thanks for your help and handy hints and tips,hopefully we'll meet again in the near future.
    Luv stan & Elle N/B Jack

  2. It was also very good to meet you...Hope you get a boat sorted and make the leap to living on the cut...All the best Gary and Carolyn

  3. What time train is Carolyn catching tomorrow (Thursday)? Make sure you moor near a takeaway and you will survive on your own!!!!

    1. Train should be in Totnes at about 3 o clock..... I will survive !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good to have met you both and will prob see you Saturday before turning around for the Ashby. Lovely pictures of Bellota, 2,400 lock miles done and up for more yet. Will mail you to find out if you need grocery's from Tesco. Takeaway at Hillmorton is very good, we will survive!

  5. I heard that Carolyn has arrived safe and sound..............your a big boy now so I'm sure you will survive!