Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Thrupp to Oxford


IMG_0298Before leaving Thrupp ,Maffi on Nb Milly M offered to drive us to the village of Bladon and then to St Martins church to visit Winston Churchill's grave.

IMG_0295The family plot of the Spenser-Churchill family.

IMG_0291 Although Winston Churchill had a state funeral in London he wanted Bladon to be his final resting place.It was a very moving experience to visit his grave and see where the greatest Englishman ever was laid to rest.  Many thanks to Maffi for taking us and to Bones for the use of her car, it was very much appreciated.                                                                                                                                         

IMG_0310Our time at Thrupp was up and we are on the move again. We passed this boat on the way to Oxford and it will remain Nameless.

IMG_0320We are now approaching the centre of Oxford and are looking forward to visiting it as neither of us have been here before.

IMG_0322We are moored just above Isis lock and this is the lock that will drop us down from the end of The South Oxford canal and then on to the river Thames.

IMG_0326We decided to have a walk over to the castle with the hope that it would be free entry.                                                                                    

IMG_0332No flipping chance of it being free. They wanted 10 quid each. So we decided to go up the castle mound instead. That was meant to have cost us a pound each , but we managed to get in for free. Well worth the climb up as we had some brilliant views over the city

IMG_0333I think Ann and Keith (nb oakfield) like a bit of free admission as much as we do.  

We have a another day left here on our mooring opposite College cruisers ,Keith was going to get some diesel from them but at £1.10 a litre base rate he thought better of it.  With there being 4 Wetherspoons pubs in the area I'm sure one of those will get a visit at sometime before we leave.

                                                                                              Happy Days


  1. We had excellent fish and chips at the Wetherspoons opposite the theatre!
    Enjoy Oxford

  2. interesting blog .Yes looks very nice where you were. x

  3. Hi Debby . Thanks for that. If possible we would visit all 4 as you can't beat the value of a spoons !!!!!!

  4. The view from Carfax is wonderful - I am sure there is an entry fee but it is worth it (well, it was when we did it with our kids back in 1990 !!) And we found that the bus top tour is excellent to get information about the history of the city, not just the university but included some renowned people, the car manufacturers stick in my memory. The age of Oxford shows the extreme newness of NZ's european settler history!

    1. Hi Marilyn, Our time is now up in Oxford ,but on the next visit we will try and do a lot more... Are you aboard cruising yet ?

  5. Nameless: I didn't like the name when I first got the boat but there's not a day goes by when someone doesn't comment on the name. Sometimes they find it funny, occasionally they hate it. On a weekend there will be about 5-6 comments a day. I think I can't stand to rename it now as it would just be too peaceful. She'll look a bit cleaner next time you go past.

    1. Hi , Loved the name and I certainly wouldn't change it. It's like when we put Totnes , Devon on the side of Inca . It was such a good conversation starter ...