Thursday, 7 May 2015

River Thames (Day 1 )


Lady Overboard !!!!

IMG_0368We decided to pull pins along with Keith and Ann at 08.15 and drop down Isis lock and then onto the first manned lock on the river Thames by 09.00.  We watched Keith and Ann set off from their mooring and then started to untie are ropes. I looked behind again and there was Ann splashing around in the middle of the canal. She had got on the front of Nb Oakfield as they pulled out and then somehow fallen off the side. Keith did the correct thing and immediately took Oakfield out of gear . Luckily as we were going onto the Thames Ann had her automatic life jacket on which deployed as soon as she hit the water. Myself and Carolyn got our life ring off Inca then ran up the bank and threw it to Ann, who was helpless in the canal as the life jacket had done what it was supposed to do and had turned her onto her back .She grabbed the ring and we pulled her ashore and lifted her out of the water. Luckily apart from a bruised hand she was ok .With Ann safely on the back of Oakfield Keith and Carolyn pull the boat into the bank… What a start to the day !!!

IMG_0371After a shower for Ann and a hot drink for all of us and the water level indicator level in green we eventually drop down Isis lock and onto the river.

IMG_0379 Under this bridge and then its a left turn down to Reading. Carolyn said she was fine ,but i know she is a bit nervous about going on the Thames.

IMG_0423The locks are all operated for you by lock keepers and open between 09.00 and 18.00. All we have to do is have a rope around a bollard on the lock on the bow which Carolyn held and one at the stern which i held as we descend in the locks.

IMG_0434Approaching Abingdon.

IMG_0439Absolutely loving this as we head down through Abingdon. With a bit of flow on the river we don't need hardly any revs from the engine to push us along at a fair old rate of knots.

IMG_0479How the other half live.

IMG_0501After 7 hours of cruising we reached Days lock where we intended to moor for the first night. But with no spare moorings we carried on until we came to The Shillingford hotel and decided to moor there. The only problem being that it was £15 a night. Luckily Carolyn used her charm and got it down to a Tenner.

IMG_0506Inca and Oakfield on their moorings for the night.

With heavy rain forecast and the river expected to rise I'm sure it will be another exciting day tomorrow.


                                                                                                             Happy Days

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