Friday, 1 May 2015

Balancing act


SAM_0198We pulled pins at 08.30 and within a few minutes of cruising we came across this Canal and River Trust work boat with it’s front pin pulled out and blocking the canal.With the boat full of water i had to balance on the icy gunnels to get onto the stern of the boat. These work boats have to be some of the most badly moored boats we ever see. Maybe CaRT should sort out some basic mooring and rope tying training for their employees.

SAM_0199Eventually on the stern and i can attach a rope ,while Ann (Nb Oakfield) pulls us in.

SAM_0201After mooring her fore and aft our good deed for the day is done and Blaby is safely back on her mooring.

SAM_0205It was then onto Lower Heyford and past all the Oxfordshire Narrowboats hire fleet and then onto the water point to top up with water.

SAM_0212After filling with water at a very slow tap we passed this boat on the permanent moorings. I'm sure all the kids who pass this way love this boat.

SAM_0213We then passed this boat… Better than Bisto !!!!

SAM_0215Just before Pigeons lock is Jane’s tea,s . One of the strangest tea rooms we have ever seen. There are tables and chairs scattered all over the place, but apparently it is very popular and often very busy.

We picked up a mooring below Pigeon lock and with good Internet and TV. With the temperature outside dropping we lit the Squirrel stove and had a cosy night in by the fire.

                                                                                                        Happy Days


  1. good job you were about to move that boat. I expect Abbie would liked to have seen that colourful boat. Thought you would have gone in and had scones and a cup of tea on your way past the tea boat. xxx

    1. With Carolyn and Ann supplying cream tea's there is no need to go out and spend money......Just the ticket!!!!!

  2. Look who I found!