Sunday, 17 May 2015



IMG_0108After an enjoyable day at Hungerford we pulled pins at 08.15 and headed towards Crofton.

IMG_0110Its not long before we get to Hungerford Marsh lock. This lock is the same as the one at Fenny Stratford on the Grand Union Canal with a swing bridge in the middle of the lock. this one was a lot harder to operate and Carolyn struggled a bit…. If only i could have got off to help her !!!!

IMG_0114Now that's Green. As we head into Wiltshire the countryside seems to come alive.

IMG_0117There you go …Sometimes i do get off and give Carolyn a hand.

IMG_0120That's a bit close. With the train going at 100 mph and us at 2 mph i know what mode of transport i prefer.

IMG_0122That's a different way of controlling water flows .

IMG_0129Keith just cant bring himself to look around as Carolyn steers Inca into a lock. PS She did ok !!!

IMG_0148What a pair of Plonkers !!!!!    And they haven't even been drinking.

IMG_0139What a lucky shot. This duck was flying past us as we were about to leave a lock and i just happened to have the camera in my hand at the time.

IMG_0137A great looking roof garden on this widebeam boat.

IMG_0156We finally arrived at Crofton and picked up a couple of lovely moorings below the pump station. But just our luck it was shut. So only one thing to do, get out the chairs and wine then have a lovely afternoon with Keith and Ann (nb Oakfield) chilling out on the Towpath.

                                                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. Nice pics Gary, especially the flying duck!

    1. Hi Ann.. It must be down to the new camera , It's just the ticket as you well know....

  2. I love this part of the canal - we're walking rather than on a boat. I rather like seeing the trains go alongside