Saturday, 2 May 2015



SAM_0219After pulling pins from Pigeon lock at 08.35 we soon passed this boat. According to my Mum  Noddy wasone of my favourites when i was a little boy .Many,many years ago.

SAM_0221We thought we would get some diesel just to top up the tank before going onto the river Thames. I dipped the tank and it showed us having 230 litres left in our 300 litre tank. We pulled into Enslow wharf and just asked the guy if it was self declaration and if so could he fill us up. It wasn't until he finished filling us that i thought to ask him about the price per litre as it was not displayed anywhere. We normally pay between 66p to 70p a litre, so when he told me the base rate was 95p a litre i nearly had a heart attack. He said that they had just had a delivery and the price had gone up (What a load of Bollocks rubbish). My fault i know for not asking the price . Lesson learnt and it will never happen again.

IMG_0213After getting diesel we soon reached Bakers lock where the canal drops you down onto the river Cherwell. You may remember that when we started our new life aboard Nb Inca I promised Carolyn we would never go on a river unless it was in the green and safe to navigate. So luckily she didn't see that the River Cherwell was on Amber alert when we dropped down the lock onto the river or i would have been in big big trouble..

IMG_0225There , No problem at all and we are still floating . We eventually reach the diamond shaped Shipton (weir) lock which takes us off the river and back onto the canal.

IMG_0240We then arrive at Thrupp and Maffi from Nb Milly M kindly opens the lift bride to allow us and nb Oakfield through.

IMG_0247The services at Thrupp, and they must be the best kept we have ever seen.

IMG_0257The lift bridge at Thrupp is on a 90 deg bend and its notorious for boaters making cock ups when they go through. We had some great free entertainment when these two boats got pushed by the wind into the side. After several minutes of pushing and shoving they eventually got free from each other. Mustn't laugh really as it will probably happen to us next time we come through here.

We are now moored on some lovely moorings outside of The Boat Inn at Thrupp and will spend some time here exploring the local area and no doubt the pub !!!!!.

                                                                                                     Happy Days                        

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