Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Funny looking Horse’s

IMG_0158With Crofton Pumping station still closed we pulled pins and continued on our journey West. Maybe on our way back this way it will be open.

IMG_0164There are some funny looking Horses in these parts.

IMG_0169At the locks Hamish likes to chill out in the shade.

IMG_0170We are now approaching the Summit of The Kennet and Avon Canal and this is what can happen when you moor in a short pound between locks. We met a Canal and River Trust worker on the Summit and he said that they are having problems with their pumps and are struggling to keep levels up.

IMG_0177Following Nb Oakfield through The Bruce tunnel on the Summit of the K&A Canal.

IMG_0181At the other side of the Bruce tunnel you pass Burbage Wharf and the crane which was fully restored in 2010.

IMG_0183There were loads of men with Anoraks littering the towpath with cameras. It turned out that there was a famous steam train travelling on the main line. It was a black one !

IMG_0191Oh look !!! A water pumping station with loads of pump parts scattered all over the site..Reminds me of a life long ago !!!!!!

IMG_0200There's chilling while cruising and then there's chilling while cruising..Now that's got me thinking!

IMG_0210We are now moored at Honey Street in The Vale of Pewsey under a funny looking horse. With The Barge Public House next to our mooring i suspect that we will be making a visit very shortly…

                                                                                 Happy Days


  1. Nice beer in the Barge. Look for the crop circle photos in the room with the pool table! The beer is called "Croppie".
    best wishes
    Debby and Dave

    1. Thanks Dave and Debby,mad a good pint at the Barge,sitting out looking at a big white hoer ...just the ticket,

  2. there are no dates given yet on the Crofton pumping station opening days, but they do give the dates for the steaming days. Open 10.30 - 16.30
    May 23 to 25, June 27 & 28, July 25 & 26, August 29 to 31. Not far to Devizes now hope the weather is kind for the decent on Caen hill.

    Steaming weekend

    September 26 & 27

    Annual Steam Gala

    1. Hi Caroline, Hopefully on our way back they will be open and we will get the chance to have a look around. Thanks for the info.

  3. I don't think I would trust that steerers chair somehow, overhanging the canal at a jaunty angle!