Thursday, 14 May 2015

Out of Newbury


IMG_0025On our last night in Newbury, and with a KFC just across the canal it would have been rude not to have had some finger lickin chicken. Being on the canals its not that often we get the chance to have a takeaway. With me and Hamish waiting outside Carolyn orders. Apparently there is a fragranced candle you can now buy that when lit smells of a KFC takeaway. I don't think we will bother with one of those thank you.

IMG_0034We pulled pins at 08.00 and headed for Newbury lock which Carolyn and Ann had all ready set for us. There are some strong flows coming in from both sides of the canal, so we wanted to be able to motor straight into the open lock.

IMG_0020As Carolyn is the Captain it is she who will be fined.

IMG_0035Here we go again and not a good start to the day, another electric swing bridge that the girls had trouble with it. First there was a problem opening the bridge leaving myself and Keith hovvering about mid channel and then there was a problem getting the barriers down. Eventually they got it working and we are on our way.

IMG_0039After a good couple of days we finally leave Newbury.

IMG_0042OOPS!! and another one bites the dust canal bottom.

IMG_0057Now that we have left Newbury and heading further West the countryside is really starting to change and its more like how i imagined The Kennet and Avon canal would be. There are now not many river sections and we don't have to keep fighting against the flow.

IMG_0043With some good canal towpaths Carolyn, Ann and Hamish walk between the locks. No doubt organising their next bouts of retail therapy.

IMG_0048We are now heading towards are next mooring which we hope will be near Kintbury. With moorings few and far between on this stretch of the canal we will just have to hope we get in ok.

                                                                                                                  Happy Days


  1. some very nice pictures again. everything is looking lovely and green.shouldnt be to long now that you get to bath & then Bristol maybe we will see you at some stage. x

  2. What, two dinners in one day?

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    2. Two dinners in one day ..... Luvely Jubbly. !!!!!!!!!