Tuesday, 12 May 2015



IMG_0024With a couple of days to spare we have plenty of time to look around and explore a bit of Newbury. And with Pork and Bacon being a favourite of mine a visit to Griffins is a must.

SAM_0372You can’t beat a visit to the local museum and find out a bit of the history for the local area. Then when you are told its free to go in, Its all the better.

SAM_0375It is not a big museum but a lot of money has been spent doing it up and it is well worth a visit.

SAM_0373Well its not long before we find the local Wetherspoons , and some people just can’t wait to get in there.

IMG_0018While myself and Keith returned to the boats Carolyn and Ann carried out some retail therapy. Later in the afternoon i got a text from Carolyn that said ”Look out of the window and you will see two lovely ladies sitting down having a coffee”. I did look out but only saw Carolyn and Ann.

IMG_0027With the moorings full up and a lovely sunset over Newbury its time to start planning the next leg of our journey to Bath and maybe even all the way to Bristol.

                                                                                     Happy Days


  1. What a beautiful place! Gorgeous photos; thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour!

    1. Nice spot in Newbury Bristol pubs...nova scotia or the lion for food (lion posher but nova better) the orchard for cider moorings opposite ss great britain are quieter or give the marina a ring

    2. Hi Linda , we are so leased that you enjoy reading our blog ... Gary and Carolyn ..

  2. Hello ,hi man1nvan . Good to meet you and thanks for the info on Bristol .....