Friday, 29 May 2015

Elvis on the Towpath

We are currently experiencing problems with writing the blog. We use Windows writer and then send it to Blogger where it is then published. It appears that for some reason Writer is not talking to blogger or vice versa, so there are loads of bloggers having the same problem. The main difference is it takes a lot longer to upload the pictures and I cant get them any larger than these. Hopefully they will soon resolve the problem.

We pulled pins at Seend and soon passed this boat. Carolyn had a bit of a chuckle when she saw the name.
We passed this old garage with the old petrol pumps and signs
Keith and Ann on nb Oakfield needed diesel so we stopped at The Boatyard at Hilperton. With the price at only 65 pence a litre we filled up as well.

The Boatyard has just taken delivery of this floating dock. It fills with water and sinks, you then take your boat in and all the water is then pumped out .The are going to do blacking and boat painting as well as repairs. The deal for blacking is 3 days in the dock with jet wash off and then blacked all for £500 including vat.

It was then on to Bradford on Avon for a couple of days to await the delivery of our Granddaughter. Above is a picture of the Tithe barn at Bradford On Avon which was built in the 14 century.

With the arrival of number one Daughter with partner Sam and Curly it wasn't long before Chloe jumped on the tiller and took Inca towards Bradford lock.

A selfie and a short cruise.

  I don't think I would want a boat named Knobsticks.

 Elvis has left the building .....and is now on the towpath.

With Chloe and Sam on their way back to Devon we soon arrive at Dundas Aqueduct. Going over it is not very exciting as you don't get a view of whats below you.

We picked up this mooring at Claverton pumping station and we will spend a couple of days here. Hopefully we can have a look around the station tomorrow as it is a water driven pump with a lot of history attached to it. With Curly onboard its going to be a very hectic week......................................
Happy Days


  1. good blog.some nice pictures. when I saw that name Claverton I thought oh my god on Sunday as you know we passed many signs with that name but we went arouind in circles trying to find you we were all disappointed but after an hour we gave up.heres hoping that on Monday it will be plain sailing.

  2. Your photos are fine - a good size and very clear, Gary.
    I write my blog in Word first and then copy and paste it into a new post on the blog. Then I use the blog's facility to upload photos by making sure the cursor is in the place I want the photos to be. If I forget that or change my mind, I just copy the photo and then paste it where I want it. Then I go back and remove the original photo. Works a treat.
    Good to see you are having a good time on the K&A - and Curly keeps you both on your toes. We have the grandsons coming down from Scotland in the first week of their holidays - I need a lie down just thinking about coping with the 5 year old!
    Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)

    1. Hi Marilyn, I'm sure I'll sort the blog out somehow. It's just trying to get a quick and for me a simple way to do it..Enjoy the Grand kids when they come down, they do tire you out but it's well worth it...Maybe our paths will cross later in the summer... Gary

  3. Tom on Nb waiouru seems to have worked live writer and blogger out

    1. Hi Dave. Thanks for that I will check it out. Gary