Friday, 15 May 2015



IMG_0063We were lucky enough to pick up a couple of moorings just above the lock at Kintbury and decided to give The Dundas Arms a try. What a great disappointment that was. A pub that seems to think its something else. The prices were a lot higher than normal canal side pubs and they were certainly a very bit mean with their portions, But the one thing that really annoyed us was the 10% service charge that was added on to the bill (even on the drinks, which we walked up to the bar and got ourselves).We wanted to pay for our drinks when we arrived but they insisted that we put it all on the bill with the food, we now know why the were so insistent on doing that. No doubt the 10% service charge was in the small print somewhere but all 4 of us failed to see it.The Dundas Arms is one place that we will never return too.

IMG_0074What a silly name for a boat. What was even more silly was that it moored on the water point and was still there the next day when we left. Moorings are in short supply on this canal, but rules are rules and if we didn't have rules where would we be ???.

IMG_0080We pulled pins at 08.15 and set sail off towards Hungerford passing some lovely houses on route.

IMG_0090After 3 hours of cruising we were lucky enough to pick up these moorings in Hungerford. Just as we rounded the corner 2 boats pulled out in front of us allowing us to pull in.

IMG_0092The railway runs straight through the middle of the town and is even painted in Great Western colours .

IMG_0096One thing that Hungerford has is loads of Antique shops. In fact there are 14 scattered through the town.

IMG_0098And the owner of this one is TV antiques expert Stewart L Hofgartner who was on site when we visited.. He has been on several programmes and is currently an expert on Dickinson's real deals.

IMG_0099Hungerford is well worth a visit and we had a few good hours looking around, but thankfully not buying any antiques. Tomorrow will be another early start and hopefully after several hours of cruising we can moor at Crofton and then visit the steam engines which are very very old.

                                                                                             Happy Days


  1. Maybe worth a mention on facebook and trip advisor as others would doubtless like to know it might be worth avoiding?

    1. Hi ,Blog is linked to Facebook , So hopefully people will know to avoid ...

  2. What a lovely read and great photos of my home town! Glad you enjoyed it.
    The Dundas Arms is unfortunately renowned for its 'service'!