Thursday, 6 November 2014

What Gorgeous Weather


IMG_4504At one of our favourite moorings at Stoke Hammond and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. As the sun drops we are left with sights like this.

IMG_4521Can you believe it. Its early November and we are  still fishing in t-Shirts. All the Fish have now moved down deeper as the water temperature has started to drop. I still managed to catch several small Roach on punched bread. It is now time to get the Pike fishing gear out and see if we can bag one or two .

After some great chilling time at Stoke Hammond we pulled pins at 09.10 on Tuesday and headed towards Fenny Stratford.

IMG_4533Not another alcohol related boat name !!

IMG_4553At Fenny we filled up with Diesel from Gary on his Coal boat Ascot which is a Town class and built in 1936. His boat has a lot of History attached to it and it features in one of the most famous pictures of Narrowboats during the war years. The above picture of Ascot also features on the cover of  MAIDENS TRIP a book written by Emma Smith.It tells the story of how Emma joined the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company in 1943 under the wartime scheme of employing women to replace the boaters. The book is still available and is well worth reading .

IMG_4543On our way again and I have never seen anything like this before. There are headlights in the bow of this boat on both sides , I suppose if you do a lot of travelling at night they may work.

IMG_4545It also has 2 tillers . Carolyn said maybe its His and Her tillers and you have one each as you are travelling along….Me and Carolyn with a tiller each , Absolutely no chance.

                                                                                  Happy Days

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