Thursday, 20 November 2014



IMG_4706We pulled pins from Fenny Stratford on Tuesday at 10.25 after Carolyn did a quick shop to get a Newspaper and some milk. Passing this shed Carolyn reckons it would be perfect for me.

IMG_4710Passing Willow bridge Marina and this boat was having a hull survey carried out. I'm not sure if its good or not but if the figures are millimetres it doesn't look that bad.

IMG_4718Little progress is what we are making at the moment.

IMG_4716Passing through Stoke Hammond lock and yet another lock where you have to leave a paddle up when leaving the lock . Its usually done because of leaky gates or poor leaky brickwork in the lock and its easier to get boaters to leave the lock empty than carry out expensive repairs, The only problem with that is that over time it gets worse and worse until you have a massive failure that costs twice as much to repair and can shut down the navigation altogether. But at the moment Canal and River Trust seem to operate a repair when it breaks policy with virtually no preventive or routine maintenance.

IMG_4726We picked up this mooring out in the country a couple of miles North of Leighton Buzzard.

IMG_4729Maintenance is something that we try to keep on top of on Inca. The Morso Squirrel multi fuel stove has now been keeping us warm for several weeks and its surprising how quickly the flue gets sooted up.It only takes 5 minutes with a flue brush and then its up and running again. Having the Stove fitted to Inca has to be the best thing we ever did. It heats the whole boat 24/7 and combined with the double glazing we get virtually no condensation.Even after adding bricks to reduce the size of the fire and the air feed to the stove turned down we still end up opening the windows to cool down….Brilliant !!!!

IMG_4738I have been persisting with trying to catch a Pike. But these little monsters keep nicking my bait. They are Red signal Crayfish and are aggressive little sods that try to get you with their claws. At about 6 inches long they are non native and are killing off our native species.We have got a few traps so we might have a go at catching some and making a meal out of them. The only problem will be purging them somehow as the canal is not exactly that clean. We will have a couple of days where we are and then head into Leighton Buzzard for a shop and then decide what to do after that…

                                                                                                                 Happy Days

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  1. you certainly come across some funny names on the boats.carolyn was looking a bit lost along the toe path. how is Hammish today? did not like the look of that horrible big spider thing crayfish