Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Bleeding Hire boats


IMG_4499With Chloe and Curly on their way back to Devon we pulled pins at 08.55 from Linslade on Saturday and went up the lock and headed for the Tesco moorings.  If you have ever been past The Wyvern Hire boat Base at Leighton Buzzard you will know how tight it can be when there are a lot of hire boats not hired out. And the one thing you don't want to meet when passing their base is a wide beam. Well guess what ,we met one. I did the honourable thing and reversed about a hundred yards to the north end of their base. As the wide beam approached us we could hear shouting and a bow thruster singing away. The wide beam was really struggling and could be seen stuck on the concrete side of the bank. The steerer was shouting at the staff at Wyvern about the amount of canal they were taking up with their boats and the fact that they were moored four boats abreast. When he reached us he thanked us for reversing and had a good old moan about them Bleeding Hire boats (or words to that effect) , and was he well pi**ed off with Wyvern or what !!!.

IMG_4479We passed this chap on the way to Tesco…… Now there's a thought ….Venison for Dinner tonight.

IMG_4443 Another good boat name and for a change not an Alcohol related boat name.

After filling the cupboards at Tesco and Aldi and filling with water and getting rid of all that waste, its back to Stoke Hammond and one of our favourite moorings for a few days of chilling…….

                                                                  Happy Days

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