Friday, 28 November 2014

Brass Farthing


IMG_4808After a day of chilling above Church lock near Leighton Buzzard we pulled pins on Thursday morning at 09.55 and headed towards Pitstone and to a mooring we always enjoy stopping at . We passed a Wide beam travelling in the opposite direction just after setting off and when we arrived at Slapton lock we found the bottom gates both open. We know that sometimes gates will swing open by themselves so we didn't want to be too quick in blaming them for leaving them open.

IMG_4818Filling with water at Slapton with our new hose reel. I must admit i am not a great fan of the new water points. They are very poorly made with 304 stainless and not Marine grade 316 as you would expect. The base on this one is starting to rust and Gaffer tape has been used on it already.   Bring back the old ones !!!!

IMG_4843What a handsome beast.

IMG_4846As we continued up towards Pitstone every set of locks that we got to had their bottom gates left open, it seems the lazy wide beam couldn't be arsed to shut them after all. With a lot of the top gates leaking and the idiots leaving the bottom gates open some of the shorter pounds were getting very low on water.

IMG_4807I wonder how many youngsters know what a Brass Farthing is.

IMG_4860Coming through Pitstone bridge and look !!! Another wide beam and its moored in the bridge approach..The further you head South there are more and more wide beams on the cut. Fortunately as with Narrowbats only one or two of them are inconsiderate nobs boaters.

IMG_4864As we got near to are planned mooring we did what we always do and checked how much Internet signal there was. To are amazement there was over 27 Megs of mobile Internet. In all our time aboard this is the highest we have ever come across.

IMG_4876With no other boats anywhere near us we moored up and set up the TV hoping that the signal would be good as Spurs were in action on itv4 . With a good signal we settled down and watched my beloved Spurs make it through to the next round of the Europa cup.

The plan for Friday is to stay where we are as we have a few small jobs to do and Carolyn wants to spend more time practising on her Saxophone. With Carolyn on her Sax me and the dogs will be taking a very long walk and try to get as far away as possible.

                                                                                  Happy Days

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  1. saw Carolyn on the first picture but no dogs run on I expect, do not like those al packas or what ever they are called.what a lot of boats still around.good blog.