Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Narrowboat roof clutter


IMG_4765As i mentioned in our last post Carolyn was off to buy a new bike. Although we both had bikes when we first started out we soon found out that we hardly ever used them. So they were sent back down to Devon where they are now gathering dust in my parents garage. But Carolyn has now decided that a bike would be very useful and said she will get a lot of use out of it…. Time will tell.

IMG_4769With the sun going down on Monday this is our view from our front room window. We have been joined by our friends Stewart and Fran on Nb The Boat and as usual while myself and Stewart stay at the boats fishing and putting the world to rights the girls are off into Leighton Buzzard and hitting the shops.

IMG_4775On Wednesday and with 3 full toilet cassettes and a low water tank the decision was taken to make a move. So after saying our goodbyes to Stewart and Fran and with the temperature at minus 1 degree and a heavy frost we pulled pins at 09.10 and headed towards Leighton Buzzard.

IMG_4781We passed this King of Fishers on the way and he stayed still long enough for me to get this photo.

IMG_4786Passing the Globe Inn at Linslade and after a bad experience there last year we did consider another visit , but after looking on Trip advisor and seeing the reviews we decided against it.Carolyn says i take too much notice of what is written on Trip advisor, so we may drop in on our way back when we next pass some time in December and hope they have improved since our last visit.

IMG_4796He's a long way from home…..Well that's what everybody says to us when they see we are from Devon.

IMG_4792What a pleasing sight . It would seem that the entire Wyvern hire fleet is now tied up for the Winter.

IMG_4799After a shop in Tesco and Aldi and filling with water it was off and up through Grove lock and then we picked up a mooring in the long pound above Church lock at 15.10. With heavy rain forecasted for Wednesday we will spend a day or two here. We have good TV, Internet and full cupboards and not forgetting the full wine cellar.

                                                                       Happy Days

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  1. what a frost. love all the colours of trees beautiful & the kingfisher . so its goodbye tofran & stuart again xxxxxxx