Monday, 17 November 2014

Pesky Pike


IMG_4621It seems at Cosgrove no one knows how long you can stay on the moorings and it could be anything between 48 hours and 2 weeks. Something really needs to be done about signage as we have seen signs unscrewed and thrown in the cut and even arrows like the one above turned around.

After 4 or 5 days at Cosgrove it was time to move on and you may remember i wanted to head North while Carolyn wanted to go South. Guess what ?  We are heading South. The decision was made a bit easier as our TV went on the blink and we decided to get a new one. The TV we had was a 20inch 12 volt Cello and it drew 48 watts of power which is 4 amps. We have our eye on a LG 24 inch LED TV which although is 240 volt only draws 22 watts which is under 2 amps. We will run it through a 120 watt inverter , so it should be a lot more economical on power usage than the old one.

We pulled pins from Cosgrove on Thursday morning and after filling with water and Winding below the lock we headed to Wolverton for yet another shop in Tesco. With the offer on wine still going with 25% off when you buy 4 or more bottles it would have been silly not to buy a load more.

IMG_4670After filling Inca with Wine and food Food and wine it was off for a night at Giffard park where we passed this boat… Another good use of names

IMG_4671We have seen this boat a few times and wonder if this is the biggest outboard on the canals ?, Mind you the bow of this wide beam is square so it will need a fair bit of power to move it.

IMG_4679After a wet night and morning we pulled pins from Giffard Park at 11.45 once the rain had stopped. At Lionhearts boat club we passed this pair of boats Oak and Ash. They used to be owned and run by the ex Reverend Martin Reed who had a bit of a reputation for being a very angry boater. The boats now have new owners who seem a lot more friendlier.

IMG_4684Passing through Campbell park in Milton Keynes and it certainly seems to be a hotspot for wide beam boats.

IMG_4696After going through Fenny lock and topping up with water we picked up a mooring above the allotments. With Gary on his coal boat and Dave moored just along from us it wasn't long before we had the rods out and doing a bit of Pike fishing .With a bet of 50p a fish it was all action. But at the end of the day our money was safe as no Fish were caught. We put the lack of fish down to the Temperature of the water ,colour of the water,wrong bait, too many passing boats ,and any other reason we could think of. Anyway we will be here for a few more days so hopefully we will get lucky.

We picked up the new TV from Argos and it works a treat . With a bigger screen and better picture and sound quality we are well pleased with it.

                                                                                      Happy Days


  1. very good. abbie said you should not be fishing wwherenyou were because rod would get caught in the reeds (she knows all about it) I had to pick her up from school 2day.hope your telly works ok, xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi there, we're the new owners of "Oak" and "Ash". Thank you for your kind words, we do try to be friendly to all who pass and who we pass. It's nice to people look at the boaters and not the boats otherwise we would be onto a losing battle straight away, until we repaint them that is!
    Happy travels.


    1. Hi Dan , we hope you enjoy your new venture and hope to meet up with you some time in the future ...Gary and Carolyn