Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Capability Smifff ?


IMG_4566On Sunday and still with beautiful weather its walkies time and on our way we met up with Stewart and Fran on their boat The Boat. Whilst having a cup of tea this wide beam could be heard starting up in the distance. When it passed us you couldn't see a thing with all the smoke and about 30 seconds later he spluttered to a halt shouting back to us that he had broken down. He had been moored on the 48 hour moorings by The Galleon pub for the last 2 weeks so maybe he has been having engine or other problems all that time. After getting his engine running he motored up to Cosgrove then after a while he turned and came back down and back onto the same 48 hour moorings again.

IMG_4580After a good old chin wag with Stewart and Fran it was back to walkies and down to the Aqueduct. After the original one at Cosgrove collapsed this Aqueduct was built in 1811 over the river Great Ouse.

IMG_4570Going through the Horse tunnel under the Aqueduct and even Carolyn has to duck.

IMG_4572The Aqueduct replaced the locks that used to carry boats down to the river where they crossed over the Great Ouse and then locked up the other side This crossing was often very susceptible to flooding and causing long delays.

IMG_4584Inca in the distance on the right and with Carolyn still practising on her Saxophone the moorings are lovely and clear all around us.

IMG_4589The garden at Cosgrove lock cottage . I think i would have employed his cousin Mr Brown !

We now have a slight problem. I want to carry on heading North and back towards Braunston and The Oxford canal as i want to talk to a man at Hillmorton about composting toilets , but her Ladyship wants to head back South towards Milton Keynes, Bletchley and Leighton Buzzard.There are very few shops and large towns as you head North so i wonder what Carolyn's reasons are for heading South. While we argue have a meaningful discussion on what our next move is we will just chill here for a couple of days and then probably do what She who must be obeyed wants to do.


                                                                        Happy Days

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  1. you have the same photos that a I took the other week . the viaduck and I went in through the tunnel / lovely garden/ nice blog