Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A narrow boaters poem

Found this on London boaters Facebook page.

A narrow boaters poem - enjoy

The Flow

I'm a narrow boater, a floating voter...
emotional intelligent and mortgage free
I'm a windlass warrior not a rudderless Rodney,
a trained pump out professor, and I can empty a
cassette without getting any on my shoes.

I’ve had to learn downsizing, I’ve had to do upgrading.
My water tank is full, my batteries are charged,
my gas bottles new and my old engine serviced.

I’ve given up meat, I've given up dairy,
I've given up smoking and I've given up
on commuting and chain stores.

I’m on the water, through the locks
on the move and off the grid.

I love nature but I hate mosquitos,
watching cormorants and kingfishers
feeding ducks and swans, I enjoy watching
crap afternoon films but my TV is 12volt
no mains electric.

But I’m a star navigator, a solar sun worshiper a
hurricane harvester and I sometimes dance
in the rain.

I’m digitally (not physically or ergonomically)
enhanced. I’m pre CRT but I’m post BW
a trans county, water bound, train carriage dweller,
with an urge to re-home spiders.

I grow food not lawns, I split logs not heads,
I read books not palms, I read newspapers but
I read between the lines,
reading free papers is a riot
but I've never been read the riot act!

But I share my space, I drop my pace
I go with the flow and I do it all slow.
no rushing no stressing
no shouting no yelling
no pushing or shoving
just smiling and loving.

My spare time is mine
and I don’t waste a dime

I’m pro-active, I’m physically active,
I’m hyperactive and from time to time
I’m radio-active.

My outgoings are down while my income is up,
I love a bargain but I'm the real deal,
I like gadgets but I'm old school,
More uplifting, Less downloading.

I moor east to west sunrise to sunset
my starboard is right and there’s always port left
passing pubs full of characters, they’re here for the beer
with stories to tell bringing everyone cheer.

I’m not always around but I'm back this way soon...

... to play on my uke as I whistle a tune.


(Myles McDowell)


                                                                                            Happy Days

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