Monday, 10 November 2014

Secret weapon


IMG_4561After a few days moored at Fenny Stratford we moved on to Giffard park and then after a night there and a Chinese takeaway we moved to Wolverton for a Tesco shop. Mr Tesco is being a very generous man this week and giving 25% off all wine when you buy 4 or more bottles, needless to say we bought a lot more than 4 bottles and even ended up doing another trip.

IMG_4616After filling the wine cellar on Inca we moved on and ended up back in Cosgrove where we were a few weeks ago. When we arrived here there were several boats moored behind us. But not long after arriving they pulled pins and moved away. We now have a new secret weapon for clearing boats off moorings.

IMG_4611Carolyn has bought herself a Saxophone and is now learning to play it. Although i couldn't make it out she tells me that she can play Merry Christmas. I don't think Candy Dulfer has anything to worry about for a day or two.

                                                                          Happy (noisy) Days


  1. hello I am back. I recognise where you ars moored up I was there a couple of weeks ago.Carolyn is looking quite professional playing her sax soon be having a duet with you singing along/

    1. With Carolyn's playing and my singing probably not a good idea !!!