Saturday, 15 November 2014

breasting up

This was recently released by Canal and River Trust on their Boaters Update . I must admit i am not in favour of it becoming compulsory as suggested by some for most of the reasons against it listed below.I also find it bizarre that 80% of the people that responded thought it was a good idea as everyone i have spoken to have said they would be against it. I have e-mailed CaRT and said to them if they do issue stickers with the licenses can they also print a sticker saying “PLEASE DO NOT MOOR ALONGSIDE ME”.  As i understand it anyone can breast up now if they want to, so why cause trouble as it surely will by enforcing it.

Breasting up – your views
In the last edition I mentioned that a boater had suggested that breasting up at popular visitor moorings should be made compulsory. We then asked if you had any views on this idea. Well, you most certainly did. Of all those who responded, just over 80% thought it was a good idea. Some of those supporting the idea also said, as a first step, stickers displaying ‘moor alongside me’, or words to that effect, should be sent out with licences. If that doesn’t work then make it compulsory. One correspondent helpfully gave some advice on breasting up etiquette:
  • Always ask, the boat on the mooring may be moving off shortly.
  • Agree how the lines should be fixed for the convenience of both boats.
  • Be ultra-considerate especially if you have animals, children or rowdy teenagers. Do not run your engine or generator.
  • Ask when the inside boat intends to move off and, even if it's early, be ready to assist and re-moor.
  • Don't obstruct the free movement of other boats passing in both directions.
Those who didn’t like the idea either; preferred the idea of more encouragement for boaters to share rings, felt breasting up increased the fire risk or that the positives don’t outweigh the negatives, such as:
  • If you are on the inside you have no view out onto the canal.
  • If you have a dog you need to be on the inside (and then hence a)) or are constantly crossing the other boat, which can be difficult (with or without a dog) depending on length, style, boats facing opposite directions etc.
  • We had an unpleasant incident (before dog ownership) of a cat from the boat breasted up to us getting into our boat and peeing on the bed - ugh!
  • If you decide you want to move off earlier than originally intended for any reason you cannot do so without disturbing the other boat, more so if you are on the inside, it is then is a major task.
  • If the boat has a poor electrical system say and needs to run engine excessively to charge batteries you will feel the vibration and hear the noise for extended periods, also if the engine is smoky/smelly this can be a nuisance and there is always the risk of CO leaking into your boat, any time engines are run, smoky or otherwise.
  • If your neighbour has a coal/wood burner alight and the wind is in the 'wrong' direction' this can be a problem.
  • Lastly of course, if your neighbour is not very considerate (noise etc.) it can be a generally unpleasant experience.
So, there we have it – most seem to like the idea while others make strong arguments against… Would it be enough if stickers were issued, as mentioned above, and if a sticker wasn’t displayed then the assumption is against breasting up? .                                                       Happy ish Days     ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
                                                                       Happy Days


  1. Completely agree with you. Its only going to wind people up.!! Keep warm. Pam & terry xx

    1. To be honest I can't see it happening ,but with this lot you just never know....

  2. And here I thought "breasting up" was going to be a fun subject. Has anyone (read At CaRT) considered the liability attached with all the possible things than can go wrong and the owner/crew of the other boat (me) be blamed for or damage/injury caused by other boaters? There I've said it and I still don't feel better.

    Aloha, Amos

    1. Hi Amos, That's a very good point. I will mention that to them and see what they have to say ...