Tuesday, 29 October 2013

After the storm

On Sunday afternoon we took Molly and Hamish for a good long walk before the storm was due to hit us. The wind was starting to get very gusty but it was good to get out and blow away the cobwebs.

                                                                                     Carolyn getting blown away.

                                                       A caravan in Cosgrove park with its awning ripped off in the wind.

 A hire boat going over Cosgrove aqueduct . There is a person stood on the roof and on the other side there is a shear drop into the river. At this time there were some very strong gusts of wind. I don't think I would have done that.

The mooring we have at Cosgrove is very sheltered with trees and bushes on both sides of the canal. We did get the boat rocking about overnight on Sunday (by the wind and nothing else) . It woke us up a couple of times but luckily no damage was done to Inca.

 On Monday you would never have known there had been a storm. We had a mixture of sunshine and showers. There were no trees down and there seemed to be no damage done in the village. Molly and Hamish certainly enjoyed soaking up the sunshine.

The weather was ideal for drying the washing and putting a few amps into batteries from the solar panels although we did have to run the engine for an hour in the evening.
Today which is Tuesday we are enjoying a full day of sunshine which is brilliant as the batteries are nearly up to 100%............ Free electric , I love it.
We are now starting to get itchy feet and feel the need to move on. We are getting down on water and have about 30 gallons left showing on the gauge. So tomorrow (Wednesday) morning we will pull pins fill with water get rid of waste and see how far we get. But knowing us that might not be very far.
Happy Days

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