Friday, 25 October 2013

Staying still in Cosgrove

On Wednesday morning after getting our Tesco delivery yesterday we pulled pins at 08.50 and the first job of the day was to get rid of waste and fill with water.

                                                                            The water point at Cosgrove.

 Our new mooring which is about 300 meters from our last mooring which was a 2 day mooring. But these are 14 day moorings .

 After mooring it was time for walkies. First it was up to the Cosgrove aqueduct and this likely story.

 Then around the village and to the village church where Carolyn is still searching for my final resting place.
 And then back to Inca and a spot of fishing. It was the only one I caught but I didn't mind.

We met a couple going through Cosgrove lock on their boat and they mentioned that it was only a mile or so into Stony Stratford and there were several shops there. That was music to Carolyn's ears . So on Thursday it was back packs on and off we went . We took a wrong turn on the way so it was nearer to 2 miles than 1 but we had a good walk and the weather was very good.
 But the best thing was on the walk back.... The footpath took you through several fields . And half way through this one Carolyn spotted a herd of cows with a bull in the corner of the field. I have never seen her move so fast. Mind you I was hot on her heels. We were running so fast we forgot to take a photo of the bull.

                           After all that running it was good to just sit down and soak up that Autumnal sun.
 On Friday we decided to take a cruise up to Wolverton and wind (turn) Inca. . There are very high winds forecast so we thought we would get ourselves sorted before it hits us. This is as far south as we will go and now we will take a very slow cruise over the next 2 weeks towards Crick where we are booked into the marina for a week in November .We pulled pins at 09.30 and this is us going over the Aqueduct at Cosgrove.

We passed this spill-way on route. This is how flood water is controlled on the canals . Excess water goes over the weir and then away into a water course and thus maintain safe water levels. (see what I mean David ?).
 We winded at New Bradwell and on the way back there just happened to be a Tesco and Asda near to the canal. So guess what ??. That's right we had to stop. Even though we have just had a delivery. I stayed on Inca while her ladyship had her retail therapy.  I don't think I will ever understand the draw of the shops.
                                        We passed this boat on the way back.....    Now sing the song like we did .

We are now back at Cosgrove and will stay here for the weekend and probably the early part of next week. As I write this the winds are now starting to increase but we are snug as a bug in a rug and we now have enough food to last for several weeks after all that shopping, so we won't starve.

                              Happy Days

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  1. Cecilia is a friends boat. Chris is a great blues guitar player. Nice to meet you today. We will meet again, and soon.