Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Speeding boats

We are still at Bugbrooke . The weather has been poor and we always said we wouldn't travel in the rain unless we are really desperate. The only problem is that after a while you start to get the urge to be on the move again. So with the weather OK for Tuesday we will be off first thing in the morning.

We have filled up again with diesel and bought another 6 bags of coal . A coal boat was passing so we thought we just as well take advantage of him as we haven't seen another coal boat for such a long time. The idea is to support the coal boats as much as we can as they run all year round and will even get to you when the canal is frozen. We took on 93 litres of diesel at 91pence per litre. We last filled up a month ago on the Coventry canal. We are experimenting with coal and have got on well using Taybrite ovals .We have now bought some Supertherm ovals as we see lots of other boats with that on board , and it's a pound a bag cheaper.

                                                           The roof starting to fill up with coal and wood.

 Our biggest moan(well one of our biggest moans) on the canals is speeding boats . And this is the result of boats speeding past moored boats. Carolyn was about to take the dogs out for a walk and normally Molly and Hamish just run and jump out of the boat onto the bank, but luckily Carolyn put them on the lead in the boat so was able to stop them having a dunk in the canal. As you can see the front pin has been pulled out by speeding boats and Inca is drifting out into the canal.

                         Carolyn pulling Inca back into bank.
Luckily we always put a pin in for the centre rope as a back up if either the front or rear pins are pulled out.
                                                                                                  2  Pins back in.

The weather is so overcast that we are not getting much out of the solar panels. So we are having to run the engine to generate electricity. It really breaks my heart to have to run it after all that free electric we have had during the summer. Still it wont be long before summer is here again.( There my glass can be half full )

                     Happy Days



  1. Aloha Gary and Carolyn, Just arrived back home in Hawaii from our trip to the UK. We are the American couple you helped (your good deed) back in September on the Ashby. Thanks again. Interesting to see your most current post. We stopped at Bosworth Battlefield moorings. When we got back to the boat a neighboring boater said our front pin had been pulled loose by a fast moving boat and was crosswise in the canal before he could get there and get the boat tied up again. The kindness of strangers. It was great to find you blogging; keep it up. It makes us wish we were back on the narrowboat. We will be back in a year or two and maybe see each other again. Stay warm this winter. Until some later time on the canals, Amos and Charlene

  2. Hello Amos and Charlene
    It was good to meet you and we were only to pleased to help you. Shame we didn't get to have that glass of wine with you both, but like you say we may meet up again in the future.
    All the best
    Gary and Carolyn