Thursday, 17 October 2013


We pulled pins at o9.oo on Tuesday morning with the intention of getting to Stoke Bruerne for a few days.

                                                        We passed this boat on the way.....That's us .

                      We stopped in blisworth to stock up with a few bit and pieces from the local shop.

  Coming out of the 3076 yards of the Blisworth took about 35 minutes to go through and we only met one boat coming in the opposite direction.

                                                                     Handy if you need a Blacksmith.

                                               Stoke Bruerne locks.  Yes Carolyn......I am keeping away from that cill .


                                                                                  The view from above.

 We moored on the lock moorings where all these signs have gone up . We even had a leaflet left on the boat from the mooring ranger . It said clear off within in 2 days or pay £25 and if you don't pay up within 28 days we will take you to court.

 But look...We are the only boat on the moorings !!!. There is room for nearly 20 boats . I fully understand it in the summer when it can get very busy but its October and hardly any boats are moving about. We would have stayed longer and also by staying we would be putting money into the local community as we use the shops and pubs etc , but if they don't want us we will go elsewhere.

                                                                        Liquid gold ...    Well, Carolyn's Crab apple jelly.

                                  It was so tasty we had to pick a load more crab apples to make another batch.

On Thursday morning we pulled pins at 09.15 as our two days were up and went down through the locks at Stoke Bruerne .We filled with water and got rid of waste at the bottom lock. We then cruised the short distance to Grafton Regis and one of our favourite mooring spots.

                Our rural mooring at Grafton Regis with good tv reception and an internet speed of 8 mb/s.

                                                                                        Towpath workout.

With limited room on Inca Carolyn sets up her DVD player on the roof and then does her workout on the towpath. She does get a few funny looks, but who cares.

 Then it's Caserole on the stove, potatoes in the stove and one happy Hamish fast asleep in front of the stove.

The engine which is a Beta 43 hp has now done 750 hours so it is now time for its service. The oil and filter have to be changed every 250 hours. It's tight down in the engine ole but with me being so small and nimble it is not a problem.(well, not so small and maybe not so nimble) .
The weather is very good with plenty of sun this afternoon and that is great for the solar panels to charge the batteries . We are in no hurry to move so we will stay here until we get the urge to move on.

                Happy Days

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