Saturday, 12 October 2013

Weedon to Bugbrooke

We have had a very laid back week . After the incident with the lock cill (Lock-gate David said) we decided to lift the rudder up again as we didn't think it was properly located, as the tiller arm seemed to be an inch higher than it should be. After a lot of struggling we eventually got It down at the correct level and the tiller arm is now a lot easier to turn. It is still not as light as it was but its OK to use. We are booked in to have the hull blacked in March so we will then take the rudder assembly out and have a good look at it then.

We spent Monday afternoon and Tuesday on a mooring just before Weedon bec. They gave good weather on Tuesday so we thought we would just chill out and soak up the last of the Autumn sun.

                                                                           Our mooring at Weedon bec.

                                                                                            Hamish chilling out .

                                                                           Gary and Carolyn chilling out .

                        The view from our front room window .

 On Wednesday the weather turned a lot colder and it was back on with the long trousers and jumpers. We moved on to Bugbrooke as Carolyn wanted to get her hair done. She managed to get an appointment for Friday morning so it meant a few days moored here. With the weather a lot cooler we are keeping the fire in all the time. We have now become very good at keeping it burning all night and with temperatures at 6 degrees in the morning its great to get up in the warm. The only problem we have with the stove is that it is making the boat so hot. We keep the air turned down to its lowest so the stove is just ticking over but even so we still have to have the doors and windows open. Still better than being cold in a draftee old house.

On Thursday we came across a crab apple tree.And as Carolyn has a great recipe for crab apple jelly we picked a bag full.

                                        On Friday Carolyn had her hair done............Wow.. That looks good !!!!!!!! 

We have now decided to stay here for the weekend. There is a shop near by and we have good Internet ( 12 mb/s) and a good TV signal .

                      Happy Days


  1. no good you jumping in to check the rudder could get mistaken for a whale and harpooned..

    1. Hello Nicholas

      I used to like you !!!!