Sunday, 6 October 2013


We pulled pins at 07.55 on Saturday morning and filled with water and got rid of waste at Braunston. We then made our way up the Braunston flight of locks. All was OK until we reached the fourth lock up. The pound was empty so Carolyn went up to the next lock to let water down. The level in that pound was a lot lower than it should have been. It turned out that there was some wood stuck in a lock gate and CaRT ended up lowering the level not just of the locks but all through Braunston tunnel and all the way through to Norton junction.

 You can see how low the water level is as we enter the two thousand yards of the Braunston Tunnel.


We managed to get to Norton junction without going aground . But we did pass a lot of moored boats that were high and dry.

We managed to get a mooring just along from the CaRT depot which suited us fine as we wanted to try and do a Tesco delivery. We have never done one before so anything could happen. Our registered address is my parents house in Devon so we had to find an address up here for it to be delivered to. We did a post code search for the nearest pub then put in the address of the nearest house to our location. We had a delivery slot on Sunday of between 12.00 and 13.00. Fingers crossed

                                                                                 Sunday at 12.30 and guess who turned up.

 This certainly makes life a lot easier. We made sure we ordered a lot of the heavy items we needed like red wine and more red wine. We will certainly do this again when we need a big shop.

 On an earlier walk Carolyn spotted this wild plum tree. So in the beautiful Autumn sunshine it was off to do some foraging. We managed to get some plums for jam plus some blackberries. All we need now is some apples for a lovely blackberry and apple crumble.

                                                                               Another use for a fishing landing net.

                                          And where did you get those apples from Carolyn ?? .. I hope you didn't scrump them .

Sorted... The cupboards are full and we have all the ingredients for a lovely desert tonight.

                                                             And this will be us tonight after dinner and a few glasses of wine............

                                                  Happy Days

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