Sunday, 27 October 2013


With Inca now starting to rock and roll in the wind we thought we should get prepared for the storm.

 With the solar panels roped down and everything else removed from the roof that could be blown off we should be ok....(Fingers crossed).

                                                         Then this family swam by............   A bit too late in the year .

                                                       The canal is full of leaves, but there are still plenty more to fall.

                                                               A day hire boat leaving Cosgrove in very windy conditions.

The time now is 13.20 on Sunday and the sun has just come out again after a shower of rain. The sky is now clear and we have 13 amps going into the batteries from the solar panels. Time now to take the dogs for a good walk before the storm hits us.

           Happy Days


  1. have you and the boat survived the gales,we got no more than a strong breeze here in Notts,hope you were as lucky,if not I might be out scouring the towpath for a couple of solar panels for our boat when we get it.

  2. Hello Stan
    Got through the storm ok. It is very well sheltered at Cosgrove although we did get rocked about a bit. So sorry cant help you out with any panels. Hope the boat search is going ok. It took us over 6 months to find the right boat ,but as soon as you step aboard the right boat you will know its the one for you.
    All the best
    Gary and Carolyn