Thursday, 31 October 2013

Back at Grafton

We pulled pins at 11.00 on Wednesday morning and headed for the water point below the lock at Cosgrove, but there was a hire boat on the point so we headed for the one above the lock.

 There is enough room for two boats on the water point but when a fisherman decides to set up on the point there is just not enough room. Carolyn did say to him that he was on a water point. "I know that but I like it here I took a chance and I am not moving" he said. When the other boat moved off we had to reverse back onto the point. As we passed him i gave it full throttle and used the bow thruster like I have never used it before. What a mess it made of the water. I think he got the message.

 We then moved about 60 feet and moored up. Within 30 minutes the boat above (A hire boat) hit our bow and then went straight into the bank and hit that. I grabbed the camera and took a photo of him which he was not very happy about . He then moored up and came back in a right temper. A few heated words were had but in the end he understood why we had taken a photo.

                                                                                        We then met this guy, but he didn't say a lot.

We booked a Tesco delivery for 09.00 to 10.00 on Thursday morning, And after several phone calls the delivery eventually arrived at 11.35 and we were not happy. We are so busy and have such a full diary that we cant waste time like that.(Well, we told Tesco that) We have now contacted Tesco and put in a complaint....Watch this space.

                                                                                   What a great boat name.

                                                    With winter coming its time to cut up some of our Boaters gold.

 We are now moored at our favourite spot at Grafton Regis. Tonight is Halloween and we are over half a mile from the nearest house. The plan is that none of those annoying little trick or treaters will be able to find us.
 They give rain tomorrow so we will stay here and chill out for a day or two.

                         Happy Days



  1. you are getting grumpier every need to get yourself a job

  2. Hello Nicholas
    If I could find a job with a manager as good as you I would pack this way of life in straight away !!!!!