Friday, 31 May 2013

Battery fail

We moved from one side of Weedon Bec to the other on Monday after we got hit by 2 boats. The wind had picked up a bit and they just could not handle their boats. Neither of the boats where hire boats .The only amusing thing about it was that Carolyn was in the little girls room when the first one hit us. All i heard was an almighty scream .

                                                Our new mooring for a couple of days

On this part of the canal you are never far from the railway. Trains go past every 3 or 4 minutes and at night you get the freight trains going past but less frequently.

On Tuesday we had heavy rain and spent some time watching the sparks and steam coming off the overhead power lines which connected to the train.

                          Yes that is me with a bag of shopping. And it was pouring down.

With visitors coming at the weekend we needed somewhere safe for them to park the car so we moved the 3 miles to Bugbrooke

                                                Our mooring for the next few days

Bugbrooke is a small well kept village with pubs and a shop. We bought a paper and had a walk around the village.

From the time we bought Inca we knew the domestic batteries had nearly come to the end of their lives.We are having to run the engine for far longer periods of time. We have not bought new ones yet because at the end of next month we are having solar panels fitted and were advised to wait till then to get new batteries. On Thursday Carolyn said she could smell sulphur in the boat. I went down and checked the batteries and all seemed fine. We opened all the doors and windows and vented the boat throughout But as the day went on it got worse . In the evening It got so bad that i decided after Carolyn could not stay in the boat to go down and disconnect all the batteries. There are 4 in total and one of them was so hot you could not touch it. After disconnecting it this is what i found.

 The battery has 2 terminals on the positive and one of them had burnt through the plastic releasing gas into the engine ole and then into the boat. 2 hours after removing it you could still not touch it as it was so hot.

I have now linked out that battery and will see what happens with the other 3 batteries. But we may have to buy the new batteries sooner than we wanted to.

Happy days

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