Monday, 3 June 2013

Here come's Curly

On Friday we had another walk around Bugbrooke. For some reason we always have a walk around the local church .

    I have now worked out why we visit so many graveyards.....carolyn is finding me a plot .

On Friday night Chloe, Curly and Sally (niece) arrived. They had a very bad journey up from Devon as the traffic was so bad.
Chloe parked the car in the pub car park as they said we could leave it there over night as we would be booking a meal there.

                                                          Curly , Sally and Chloe.

                                                   I love reading your blog uncle Gary !!!!

                                                  I've missed you and I have missed you .

On Saturday we had to buy new batteries as the 3 remaining were dead flat in the morning. We managed to get 4 new ones at Midland chandlers in Braunston.How handy is it having the use of a car . It took a couple of hours to fit the batteries but what a differance it has made.

Chloe and Sally left midday on Saturday and had another bad journey back down to Devon.

On Saturday night we went out Bat watching. Curly saw 14 Bats . ( although she might have seen 1 Bat 14 time's)

                 On Monday we moved on through Blisworth and on towards the Blisworth tunnel. At 3064 yards it is one of the longest on the network.In the tunnel we met 4 other boats coming towards us.With only a few inches each side to spare it tight passing them.

Curly in her first tunnel. And was it wet ????  We got soaked , but it was a good laugh.

               After the tunnel it was another first for Curly.The 7 locks at Stoke Bruerne.

   After several hour's travelling we found this mooring out in the countryside near Grafton.

                                                              Missing you mum . (looks like it)

 With good Internet at 18 megs and good satellite this will do us for a while.

Happy days


  1. have to say GP that those fish you caught are amazing, must have put up a real fight. do you have fenders over the side of Inca to protect against collisions or does she have runners or similar ?....any good wine tips whilst were on ?

    1. Hi David... See next blog for fish....Wine this week is a Bulgarian Cabernet Sauvignon from Sainsbury..Don't bother.....As for fender's i would need a 60 foot fender to protect Inca. Ps How is life at Sww.