Wednesday, 1 May 2013


We spent yesterday at Dickens Heath . A very bizzare town although the residents like to refer to it as a village. It is a very new town and only built a few years ago .It is like a perfect little town where perfect little people live. ( I know a few people who would be happy living here)
                                               Just next to the canal

                                              Main Street

The Library
We are now on the move again. We are travelling the 4 miles to the top lock at lapworth.
If only there weren't as many canal side shop's we would make faster progress. Carolyn said we have to stop . Mind you the cakes where good.
Going under the m42 motorway. They are doing 70 mph and we are doing 3 mph.

Tonights mooring is about half a mile before lapworth top lock. Good tv reception and good 3g.

And a very happy birthday to Susan. I will not say how old she is but there is a 0 and a 5 in it. Have a good day luvvie...............

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