Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hatton locks

We pulled pin's at 09.15 and headed towards Hatton top lock. We decided to stop just before the locks and give the dogs a walk before we started locking down . Just after passing the Top lock cafe we met a volunteer from the Canal and river trust. He told us that if there was not another boat waiting to come down the flight with us then he and his mate would help us down.

                                           Top lock cafe.

                                     The view from inside the lock when nearly empty.

                                        Gate opening as we leave a lock.

Just outside of the Hatton offices/yard we had to stop as a boat was being craned out of the water. It would appear the naughty owners had not paid their licence fee and the boat was being removed from the system.

The Hatton Arms looking out over the locks...Remember having a pint there Simps ??

Those paddles look really heavy.........If you only knew how hard it is to steer the boat .

                                     Looking back up the locks.

Carolyn with Clive and David the volunteers from Canal and river trust. Thanks a lot guy's we appreciated your help and good company on the way down.
Travelling through Warwick we spotted Narrow boat Peony. This is the boat we had a survey carried out on at Whilton marina. There was problems with the hull and we decided to walk away and not buy it. Even then it had cost us over £700 for a survey and lift out. But as we keep telling ourselves it was probably money well spent.

We carried straight on through Warwick then over this aqua duct that spans the river Avon.

We then went over a railway.With a goods train passing under us. Now there is a sad picture... (Just for you Big Dick).

We stopped in leamington spa to pick up some supplies. There is a Lidl next to the canal with moorings.And with Bungle and Zippy Chloe and Curly coming up at the weekend it was a good opportunity to fill the cupboards.

With the temperature still in the twenties and having been on the go for 8 hours and going through 23 locks today it was time to stop.

This is our mooring just outside leamington Spa. With a good TV signal and Internet at 6.6 mbps it is a good place to stop for a couple of nights.

Some of the essential supplies bought today ( After sampling a few bottles glasses the camera would not take straight photo's).ps  It could be months before we find another shop that sells wine. So we thought best to stock up......More happy days


  1. has to be said that Mrs GP seems to be doing a lot of the manual work and you appear to be taking lots of pictures , have you picked up an injury ?

  2. Hello David. No it is not an injury.........I am the captain......But not for long me thinks...