Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Weedon Bec

On Saturday morning we walked into the village of Weedon bec and the first job was to buy a newspaper.

 In the village there is an old army barracks which was built to hide King George III if ever Napoleon managed to invade this country .
                             The now very run down barracks with a very old fire engine.

The canal had an arm that went straight into the barracks.The port cullis where the canal entered the barracks is still in place. It was used for transporting troops to where ever they were needed. There is now a housing estate being built over where the arm used to be.

                                              The canal can still be seen inside the barracks.

There are a few shops in the centre of the village and some very old house's. On the outskirt's there are a couple of takeaways and a garage .

      The glass on this window is so twisted and several panes of glass have started to crack.

After a good walk around the village we returned to Inca. Our mooring is next to a field that has a track cut into it. Before long we heard the sound of engines starting. It turned out it was a moto x track. As we both enjoy motor sport we set up our seat's and waited for it to start.

                                            With a ringside seat it was a great afternoon of moto x.

                                      Hamish was happy to sleep but Molly seemed to enjoy it.

                                                      We had motorbikes.

                                                       Quad bikes.

                                             And there was also a motorcycle and sidecar.

We had a very enjoyable afternoon and with the temperature in the twenties it was just the ticket. The only downside was the dust. There was enough soil on Inca to grow a crop of spud's . As soon as the bikes stopped it was out with the buckets and hose.

 With good weather forecast again tomorrow we plan to stay here and then decide on what to do on Tuesday.



  1. GP....how many fish have you caught so far...i expect Carolyn is a Pescatarian by now....Good to see that all appears to be going well.

    1. Hello David..... If i had a pound for every hour i spent trying to catch a fish. Pictures of fish to follow (not sure when). ps Carolyn love's meat too much to become one of them.

  2. Well I wasn't expecting a history lesson! Any idea roughly where you will be on 21st June so that I can book in somewhere?

    1. Hello. Number one sister..........Between Birmingham and London . If you start walking the towpath from the London end you might find us a bit sooner...

    2. Haha, so presumably your heading towards london...............so in 3 weeks time you will be about 5 miles further on than you are now as you go at a snails pace!

    3. Time means nothing to us. (except for when the sun is over the yardarm)