Saturday, 4 May 2013


After 5 hours travelling and locking on Thursday the evening was spent sat on the towpath enjoying a glass or 2 in the sunshine. (looks like Carolyn had more than 2)
                         But i did repair the TV aerial before opening a bottle.

Friday was spent cleaning the boat and fitting the satellite system. This will give us another option to watch TV if there is no digital signal through the aerial or no Internet coverage.

                                          Repaired aerial and satellite dish all up and running....But we will not be watching coronation street . Thanks for telling us David that most of the actors are in prison.

I think Carolyn would like a meal in here...........  But looks a bit pricey to me.
This morning we walked back into the village of Lapworth to get a few bits and pieces in the local shop. Carolyn has done really well as she has not been in a shop for more than 2 days. I think it it is a new world record.
As it is a long weekend we will spend the time in this area before attempting the Hatton flight. We may move on a mile or so just for a change of scenery .The weather is a bit overcast with the sun trying to shine through......Happy days


  1. There's always internet shopping mum :)

    1. Never heard of internet shopping. Anyway we do not have a letter box.

      How are you number 1 son ????????????