Saturday, 25 May 2013

Number 1 son's visit

We needed to get to somewhere convenient to meet Jamie and Danny so we left our mooring at Norton junction and headed down the Buckby flight with nb Tacet.

               Working well together we soon got down the flight and filled with diesel at Whilton marina.

         On the way down the flight we noticed this cannon in a garden (Guess they don't like boater's)

                                                                 Our mooring at Whilton 

Whilton is a very noisy place to moor. You have the M1 motorway on one side of you and the railway on the other side .And with trains going through every 4 or 5 minutes it does get on your nerves a bit. Funny thing though , after 2 or 3 glasses of wine the noise stops's.

Jamie arrived late on Thursday evening and soon crashed out after hitting bad traffic on the way up from Devon.

                                                    The bread is for the ducks Jamie .

                After a short time with us it was time for Jamie and Danny to head back down to Devon.

                                                 And don't you go driving too fast .

After saying goodbye to Jamie and Danny we took Molly and Hamish for a walk back up the locks. When we got to lock 11 we found that the gate's had been left open and the pound was nearly empty. Carolyn closed the gate's and left the pound slowly filling.

 We left Whilton and headed towards Weedon bec where we wanted to spend the weekend  (Carolyn on the tiller).

            This will do us for the long weekend. We are about half a mile from Weedon bec .

                                                                       The view from our side hatch on Saturday evening.Tomorrow we will walk into the village and do a bit of exploring .

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