Monday, 13 May 2013

The visit

On Thursday we left our mooring just outside Leamington spa  and headed for Lower Itchinson to meet up with Chloe and Curly.

On the way we came across our first staircase lock. This is where there is not a stretch of water between the locks. The bottom gate on one lock is the top gate on the next.
The engine ole on a narrowboat is very small space and to do anything in there you need to be a contortionist. Good job Carolyn is so nimble . We now have a gleaming ole.
                                                   Our mooring for the weekend .

                                                       Molly and Curly back together .

                                           What a mess . They certainly do not travel light.

After arriving Carolyn and Chloe went off to do some shopping. They returned to Inca and brought a load of shopping down to the boat. The car was about 50 meters away. When they returned to the car 15 minutes later it had been broken into. A lot of gear was stolen and damage done to the car door....LESSON TO BE LEARNT...........  DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN A CAR .....EVEN FOR A FEW MINUTES .....  The insurance will cover most of it but not all.

                                                 Curly our number one granddaughter .

                                                  The 3 stooges saying goodbye

Apart from the hassle with the car it was a very good weekend. It will only be 3 weeks and Curly will be back up to stay for a week.Without her mum....hooray........We will have some fun.................



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