Thursday, 16 May 2013


After the weekend we moved on to Calcutt where we spent a couple of days doing boatie stuff (what ever that is) .We also sorted out the push bikes we had bought. I have not had a push bike for nearly 40 years and Carolyn about the same so it should be a laugh.

This is Carolyn's .A folding bike with full suspension and gears . Ideal for the towpaths.

                                           Go for it Carolyn ,you never forget how to ride a bike

And this is mine .Not a folder but it does have the full suspension. It was OK to ride except for the saddle.Look how thin it is. It almost cuts you in two.....Something has to be done about that......

SOLUTION.............Its called  THE BIG FAT BUM SADDLE . It has gel inside it and springs underneath. It looks really stupid on the bike but i don't care. At my age it's comfort before looks.

So far we have had 4 punctures .The hedgerows along the towpaths are just full of thorn's and when they cut the hedges the thorn's end up in your tyre's. We have even had them go through our shoe's and into our feet.

On Wednesday we found a good spot to moor about a mile before Braunston. We have a few things to do in Braunston, so tomorrow we will try and get a mooring there. It can sometimes be difficult to stop there as it is such a popular place.

                                             Our mooring for the night.Bikes locked onto the roof

So it was an early start and guess what . We found a mooring outside of The boathouse pub. With a 2 for 1 deal on main meals i said i would treat Carolyn tonight. Unless i forget to take my money as usual.

                                      First thing today was to get some supplies from the village.

There was a sign but no baker's
                               The old mill next to the church which has now been converted into a house.

     We picked up some supplies in the post office/shop and bought some meat and home made pickle in the local butcher's.

     One thing we really need to do is sort out a multifuel stove for Inca as we have taken out the old diesel one. We had been told to go to the chandlers next to the lock. We found the stove we wanted and bought it there and then .We have also arranged to have it fitted on Monday so we will have to stay in the area for a few days

              Look what Carolyn found. The fudge boat. She was very good and did not buy anything.

                                              From the bridge looking into Braunston marina.

 The weather has been very good today with sun most of the day and the tempererature at about 17 deg. We have a good internet signal here but it is a bit noisey with the pub and a few industrial units next to it. I think we will probably move back out into the country for the weekend then come back in on Monday to get the fire fitted.



  1. sounds like you are getting into to boaty life GP or is it canal life ??... perhaps you could attach a rope to the bike and give inca a tow up the canal while Carolyn steers...just a thought.

    1. Yes, we are getting well into it. But still learning all the time. Many ups and a few downs. As for the bike pulling Inca , I have enough trouble just making the wheels go around.