Tuesday, 21 May 2013

On Thursday evening we went to The Boat house for a meal. We made sure we had a window seat so we could sit and look at Inca as we had our food.

How strange is that. Sat in a pub looking out the window at your home.
Carolyn was so happy that i took her out for something to eat as it does not happen that often.

                             Oops just told her i had forgotten to bring any money......again .

Anyway the food was OK and it was back to Inca for an early night as we wanted to get up early in the morning to fill Inca with water and then wind ( turn ) in the entrance to Braunston marina and then head back out into the country for the weekend.

Gary with the polish out. ( With 58 feet of boat to do it takes several hours )

Our mooring for the weekend.

                           The view from our window. We had good fun watching the Hares all weekend. Don't they run fast.

 On Monday morning we got up at 06.00 and had left the mooring by 7 to get back into Braunston to get the new stove fitted.

After a late start Justin really cracked on with fitting the stove. I must admit it was more work than i expected and certainly could not have done it myself.

Due to the thickness of the roof on Inca we had to have a special and very expensive oak ring made by the joinery shop next door. Only the best for Inca.

Our new Morso squirrel stove...Are we pleased with it....YES WE ARE....Just need some cold weather to try it out . I will be happy if that is in October.

                       We now look like real live aboard boaters with a pallet and bag of coal on the roof. And a nice new shinny chimney.

We have now moved onto Norton junction and are on a 48 hour mooring. We think we will move on in the morning as we need to find a mooring for the weekend as number one son Jamie is coming up with his girlfriend Danny for a couple of days.

A new world record was set at the weekend.......3 whole days of Carolyn not entering a shop.



  1. Don't forget Little belle the dog

  2. I have heard that little belle is now big belle. Is that correct ??????????