Sunday, 7 April 2013


On Saturday we loaded the car with dogs and belongings and headed up the motorway to Upton upon Severn.
Introducing Mollish (Molly and Hamish) The crew
The level of the river Severn has dropped a lot in a week and the flow has slowed down .
Carolyn stood next to one of the pylons to show how high the river rises when in flood.

The first night didn't go that smoothly.We had problems with the electrics which was only producing 10 volts instead of 12 volts and this stopped the central heating working.Eventually we sorted it and the boat warmed up.

At about 01.30 Hamish decided he wanted to go for a walk so with Carolyn soundo off i went around the marina, with the temperature at minus 2 it was freezing.Then again at 05.30 both dogs wanted to go out.This time i gave them a good walk around the marina and along by the river.

Back at the boat it was more unpacking and trying to find places to store stuff.

At 10 o clock it was up to the marina cafe for a full English breakfast then back to Inca where we filled a couple of boxes with clothes and bits and pieces we thought we could live without.

We then headed back down to Devon for a few days to tie up a few loose ends then it's moving onto Inca full time.

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