Wednesday, 17 April 2013


While walking the dogs yesterday i saw a man fishing in the marina ,with in 10 seconds he had caught a Zander (looks like a pike). 10 seconds later he had another fish hooked.So it was straight back to Inca and on the Internet to buy a license. Photos of huge fish to follow.

It seems like i missed out on a bacon roll at my old companies breakfast meeting.Never mind we had a good breakfast in the marina restaurant instead .(sorry i couldn't be there lads, hope you enjoyed it and came out full of enthusiasm as usual),  I must stop eating like this as being a fat you know what and living on a narrow boat don't really go together.


  1. good to see youre cutting down Gary!!

  2. And there was me thinking yours was the jacket potato and salad!

  3. Thank you for those kind comments.