Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Marina life

With the river Severn on amber boards and very strong winds we are staying in the marina a bit longer than planned.We are paid up until Sunday but can stay longer and pay on a daily basis although this is very expensive.
Molly and Hamish are now getting on well with marina life , but still not to sure about those Swans

                 On Sunday we had the Severn rescue teams practising in the marina
                                    Rescue team in action

                                                Still smiling

                                       Upton rowing club also use the marina slipway

Just like being back at work !
The toilet system we have on Inca is a thetford cassette.There is a magnetic switch to let you know when the tank is nearly full. The switch operates a light which tells you to change the cassette.If the light fails for any reason the cassette overfills. Guess what happened ? .I wont go into much detail but guess who was the qualified person to deal with this.  The switch inside had jammed .After removing the top slide cover it was possible to clear the float ,should be ok now. (I hope)

Carolyn is making the most of the car and gone into Malvern to get a few bits and pieces. She said she would not be long. Ha Ha.


  1. Nice photos and update! Did Carolyn decide to come back eventually. ...........

  2. She did come back, But only after all the shops had shut.

  3. Seems like things are going OK for you GP.....sad to say that you missed out on bacon rolls at the area 4 breakfast meeting this morning.......never mind eh .

    1. Hi David
      Wish i could have been there. (well, maybe not)
      All the best