Saturday, 13 April 2013


It was a long journey up to Inca on Thursday as there where big traffic jams at Bristol. It was a day later than we planned due to Carolyn having a tooth out a week ago then getting infected.She is now dossed up on antibiotics and the swelling is starting to go down.

Mean while on Inca as we thought there just is not enough room to keep everything we would like to. So we have to be very selective about what we keep. There should be a car full to go back to Devon when Chloe picks the car up next week (Should of said when she picks her new car up , which apparently i am giving to her).

Yesterday we had a trip into Malvern to pick up some shopping and i wanted some sterilising solution to treat Inca's water tank. Eventually found a very large Morrison's on a retail park which also has Argos, M&S ,B&Q and a few others, Carolyn was in her element so i guess we will be going back there again.
In this picture there is something missing. There was a stainless steel drinking bowl for Molly and Hamish on the pontoon,But Hamish saw a swan decided to chase it and the bowl went splosh. No problem said Carolyn just get your sea searcher magnet and we can get it back. (stainless steel is non magnetic).I did think about giving her the magnet and letting her have a go at finding it. Oh well  something else for the shopping list.

Back up to the car now with another load to go back, mostly my clothes for some reason then more sorting out on Inca.

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