Saturday, 20 April 2013

Happy birthday

It was Carolyn's birthday and we had a visit from Susan , Danny , Chloe and Curly. They had a few hold ups on the motorway so when they arrived it was straight up the restaurant for a birthday meal.

                          Curly, Carolyn, Danny (Jamie's young lady),Chloe and number 1 cousin Susan

                                                      Birthday girl

                  That's me sorted ,a rack of ribs and look there is salad as well. And all for £7.50

                                                I love my nan

                                         Curly trying her hand at fishing.

As we had problems earlier in the week with our toilet cassette i thought why not kill 2 birds  with one stone. So for her birthday i bought Carolyn a new cassette for her birthday present .And it came with a free toilet seat. What a result i thought. I am not sure if  she was that happy with it , but she is smiling.

                     Larry , Moe and Curly. Those of you old enough will know who they where.

The main reason for Chloe coming to visit was to steal pick up our car which i was forced pleased  to sign over to her. Good old Mum and young Dad. .....again.


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