Sunday, 28 April 2013


We left Alvechurch on Friday morning and headed for Hopwood. We decided a long time ago that we would try to avoid travelling and weekends unless it was absolutely necessary. Not long after mooring we heard a steam whistle in the distance . It was Narrowboat President and it's butty boat Kildare. President was built in 1909 by Fellows Morton and clayton. They where similar to what Eddie Stobbart is today. Both boats are owned by the black country living museum and tour the country

Narrowboat President almost gone aground as it approaches Hopwood

                                           President and Kildare

                                            President passing Inca

Just after President and Kildare passed a group of Pirates on 2 hire narrowboats approached our mooring. They tried to pull in behind us but the first one crashed into the back of Inca. There where 5 young men on each boat dressed as pirates. The one on the front did apologise but the rest just thought it was a great laugh. I did let them know that i was unhappy with their actions. Although Carolyn said i should have kept quiete. Luckily no damage was caused. The Pirates moored and left for the pub so we decided for a quiete night and moved 100 yards up the moorings.

On Saturday morning the hire boat in front of us moved off and decided to scrape all down the side of Inca. A few choice words where shouted out of the window. After all this is our home.

Saturday was spent altering the 12 volt supply to the front of Inca. There was only one 12 volt socket on the boat and that was at the back. As we are running everything on 12 volts eg .Tv, Satellite, laptops and i-pads we needed more sockets.

Today is a day for chilling and dog walking.Then tomorrow we go through Wast hill tunnel which at one and a half miles long will take us about half an hour to get through.We then pass through the outskirts of Birmingham and onto the Stratford-on-Avon canal.


  1. Carolyn.......nice shops in stratford-upon-avon:)

  2. What a shame, we are turning off before there and going onto the Grand Union Canal....