Monday, 22 April 2013


Tonight we are moored in the village of Tibberton. It's a lot more rural than Worcester last night. The village has 2 pubs and a post office and it is very quiet which suits us.

                                                    Carolyn on the tiller

Passing a large sports stadium with the sign on it saying Worcester Warriors. I think it is something to do with egg chasing.
On some of the locks today the paddles where so heavy Carolyn could not lift them. So i had to do them . The only problem with that is Carolyn is not very confident at steering the boat in and out of the locks . It is very awkward as the lock is 7 feet wide and the boat is 6 foot 10 inches. Giving very little room to get in and out. Inca is already showing a few battle scars On the hull

                                       Carolyn is as good at taking pictures as she is at driving boats .

Today we have been through 8 locks and covered just over 3 miles and it took us 2 and a half hours. We have spent the afternoon sorting out lockers and trying to make yet more storage space. We are just about full up now with very little space for anything else.

Managed to keep the the diesel fire burning tonight so will use that instead of the central heating. Its now 22 deg and lovely and warm. Time for a drink ....glug glug.


  1. Glad you are having fun. Gonna have to be careful else you'll end up needing a bigger boat. Just be careful of the kayakers on the canals. You'll be glad you have avoided what can only be described as carnage. Think you are still on a list of people to call at Process Control. Which is quite ammusing when they tell us they are gonna possibly call you.
    I can't see your painted Watering Can on the roof yet. Has it fallen off?

    1. Hi Harry
      What a shame i am missing all the fun .Mind you they have't paid me properly yet because apparantly i had not left and was still working for the company. Still getting calls from contractors etc. Hope the family is ok .Not many kayakers but if we see one we will squish it if Carolyn is steering !!!!
      Be good and don't let them get you down.